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Top Organizing Tips for Dorm Rooms | Lamorinda Weekly Article 8-18-2021

Planning ahead will simplify the transition to college dorm life.

As summer comes to an end, many of my clients are getting ready to send their child off to college. I wanted to share some of my favorite dorm room tips - ones that you might not find in a book. These tips not only come from my years of experience as a professional organizer, but also from my personal experience as a mom of three - two college graduates (girls) and one currently attending college (boy).

If you are like me, as my college-bound child was heading off to school, I read through every list of "must haves" and "must knows" for a college dorm room. The list seemed overwhelming, endless, and costly! One list had over 50 "best ideas." Really?! I learned to stick to the basics - dorm rooms are small and you have to move everything again in the summer - and anything else they needed could be added later.

Here are the key items to know that I found were the most useful and efficient:


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