Residential Organizing

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Efficiency Matters offers a full range of organizing services...

Home Organization

Closets | Kitchens | Playrooms | Garages | Home Office


We'll help you get organized and stay organized. 


No job is too big or too small. We can improve workflow in your home and home office, streamline paperwork or untangle a disorganized garage, kitchen, or closet so you can find everything in a snap. 

Time Management

Personalized Plans to Create Time for Your Life


Learn time management skills to become the CEO of your family and to help you stay in control of your busy schedule. 

We will teach you our "25 Minutes A Week" simple calendar system for managing your family or work schedule, kid's activities, appointments, calendar dates, carpools and more.

Downsizing for Seniors

Helping Older Adults Downsize for Moves/Aging In Place


We work with clients to organize and reduce their belongings in preparation for a move or to remain in their home. Our process minimizes the stress of making the decisions about what to keep and what to let go, and we understand the warm, caring support that is needed during this time.

EM homezada - easiest way to get a home
Home Inventory


We can help you with your home inventory. We'll photograph all of your valuables and belongings and create a detailed record of the contents of your home that will be safely stored digitally for easy update. We partner with HomeZada a powerful app that can easily inventory your home's features and personal property with unlimited digital photos, documents, receipts, and more. Contact us for more information.

Moves: Organizing Homes for Sale & Move-In

Streamlining Moves for Homeowners & Realtors

Having an organizer assist with the process of moving will change a chaotic and stressful situation into an orderly and efficient transition.


Organizing before a move saves money, time and stress.  You'll have less to move which will save money and simplify the unpacking process. We'll also help unpack and set-up your well-organized new home.

For realtors, our job is to make sure the seller is ready as soon as possible to put their home on the market. We will streamline the process of sorting and packing, and getting rid of unwanted items by providing trusted resources for discarding and reusing.