In this Issue:

  • Growing in a Crisis: From Grief to Gratitude

  • Shelter-In-Place Activity I'm Loving: How a Professional Organizer "Organizes" a Puzzle

In early March my business was booming -- my calendar was booked out months in advance, I had 4 speaking engage...

Grief and Zoom

Wow, these two subjects go together now?!

Many of us are working from home and have more time on our hands. For someone like me who does best when I'm busy, this new normal can be stressful and unsettling. Try to answer the following question:Why do I feel...

Are Your Bored Yet?  

Now we are on to week 2 of the shelter-in-place, are you going crazy?

There is good news - this is the IDEAL opportunity to teach yourself and your kids how to successfully handle boredom.

In the age of technology and instant gratification (than...

So excited about being featured in the recent article, "Home Organizing Tips from a Pro", in Lamorida Weekly's February 5, 2020 edition. Craving organization? Wondering where to start? (Click Here to Read the Article)

In this Issue: Be Prepared Beyond a Go-Bag

  • 7.5 Minutes to Evacuate - What Would You Take?

  • 1-Hour Checklist - Think about What to Do Before it Happens

  • Stories From Fire Survivors Who Lost Their Homes

As we start our official fires season in California, as...

In This Issue:

  • Organizing Dorm Rooms: Must-Have Tips From an Insider

  • Closet Space-Maximizing Ideas: For Dorms and Home

  • Organizing Products I Love!

As we near the half way mark of summer, I am getting ready to send my last child to college. I wanted to sh...

March 7, 2018

Did you know that our organizational needs change as our life stage changes? The common misconception is that being organized is a “perfect system"-once I’m organized I’ll stay organized, right?! Nope, your organizational needs will continue to change. Here’s what I me...

January 5, 2018

January 1st - Note to self...Activate Operation Organization. Get Organized!

January 5th - Note to self…Deactivate Operation Organization. I give up.

Sound familiar? You started with the best intentions. You thought you could get organized if you just focused and made y...

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Growing in Crisis: From Grief to Gratitude

April 27, 2020

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