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Mind Map

What I have discovered with many of my clients is that they are often overwhelmed with managing the multiple tasks needed to organize projects, manage to-do lists, plan a trip…you name it.  The brain can only hold so many thoughts at the same time, so how do you sort it all out?


I have successfully been using a tool called mind mapping for years. A mind map is a powerful visual planning tool that allows you to capture all your ideas at once, sort them out and eliminate the overwhelm and confusion.  A mind map gets information out of your brain and can be a creative and logical means of note taking that literally “maps out your ideas”.  This powerful tool uses both the left and right brain thinking tools, which helps with clarity, structure and organization of your thoughts.

Efficiency Matters Mind Map_edited_edite

This kind of mind map is often called a spider map. 


The center of a mind map looks a little bit like a spider with many legs; the body is the main topic with the multiple legs leading to the related subtopics.


The circles that are around the main circle are the subtopics. I like to prioritize the subtopics by using the top right circle first then working clockwise. The lines below each subtopic list the related tasks that need to be completed.

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