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It's Wildfire Season: Be Prepared Beyond the 'Go Bag'

We live in a beautiful community surrounded by a lush landscape of rolling hills and picturesque open spaces, yet rolling blackouts and the threat of wildfires are our reality. This year we are facing an extreme wildfire season. With drier than usual conditions and fires raging in many parts of California, headlines everywhere ask, "Are you prepared?" The question, "Am I prepared?" made me pause ... prepared for what? To lose my entire home? To have all of my belongings destroyed? To live in a hotel or with family while I wait for months or years for the insurance to process my claim? To safely evacuate in 7.5 minutes?

Are you prepared? Are you really prepared?

I attended an emergency disaster planning workshop - hearing first-hand survivor stories from the Santa Rosa and Paradise fires made me aware of how prepared we really need to be. Having a "go bag" (emergency pack), while essential, is not enough.

Think about what to do before it happens

The most important thing you can do right now is block out time in the next two weeks (yes, actually schedule it on your calendar) to think through your disaster plan. Take care of these simple, yet essential, tasks - you'll sleep better at night knowing you are prepared.


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