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Creating the Perfect Storage Solutions for Your Home

Closets, Kid Spaces, Garages, Pantries & More!

As a Custom Closet Expert, I can help you with designs for everything

from custom closets and chef-inspired pantries to orderly kid's spaces, offices and garages.

I've showcased below a few of my favorite storage solutions using the Elfa shelving system. Everything Elfa is 30% OFF in January!

Kid Spaces: Elfa Shelving Can Grow Along with Your Kids

Elfa is a perfect solution for children’s rooms and playspaces, it's easy to change the design for any space as the children grow and their toys and interests change.

Shelving and drawers can be added or moved, hanging rods can be elevated to accomodate larger clothing sizes, and containers can be changed to coordinate with new decor and accomodate new contents.

Garages: Sturdy and Flexible Organizing Solutions

All Elfa components are adjustable and completely flexible, so we can design a solution that fits your unique needs. Here are just a couple of ideas. (Click Here to Read More)


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