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Grief and Zoom During Shelter-in-Place

Grief and Zoom

Wow, these two subjects go together now?!

Many of us are working from home and have more time on our hands. For someone like me who does best when I'm busy, this new normal can be stressful and unsettling. Try to answer the following question:Why do I feel so _________? (I change this word by the hour.)

I have discovered that the feelings I am having are those of grief. How can I feel grief if I don't know anyone who has this virus, I'm not sick and I am not on the front lines of this pandemic? So, I looked up the word "grief" and here is what I found. Grief comes in many forms and we can experience it in many different ways.

  • Grief - to distress mentally, to suffer disappointment, misfortune.

  • Grief - conflicting feelings caused by the end or change in a familiar pattern of behavior, the normal and natural emotional reaction to loss or change of any kind.

Like many others, I am grieving because we're experiencing an end or change to our familiar pattern of behavior, and we must learn to adapt to the new reality.

Some of us have seen a substantial drop in our business (some have seen a 100% drop). Whether your biggest change is working from home, taking on new responsibilities, or coping with having no work at all, every one of us is being met with conflicting emotions. These conflicting emotions can be both positive and negative along with a fear of our ever-evolving and uncertain world. (Click Here To Read More)

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