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September 2019 Newsletter: Be Prepared

In this Issue: Be Prepared Beyond a Go-Bag

  • 7.5 Minutes to Evacuate - What Would You Take?

  • 1-Hour Checklist - Think about What to Do Before it Happens

  • Stories From Fire Survivors Who Lost Their Homes

Firestorm Trees Burning

As we start our official fires season in California, ask yourself "Am I prepared? Am I really prepared?"

The most important thing you can do right now is block out 1-hour in September to think through your emergency disaster plan. I've provided a checklist of what to do with that hour - you'll sleep better at night knowing you are prepared.

I recently attended an emergency disaster planning workshop. The speakers were survivors of the Santa Rosa and Paradise fires and their stories made me aware of how prepared we really need to be. Having a go-bag (emergency pack) is not enough. What you think happens when your home burns down and what actually happens are very different.

If you had only 7.5 minutes to evacuate what would you take? Click Here to Read More

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