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Reimagine Your Garage and Give Your Family the Space They Need | Lamorinda Weekly Article 7-7-2021

2020 was a year that none of us will ever forget. Many of my clients found themselves scrambling more space in their homes. They were having to share not only the Wifi, but the actual rooms they needed to work in. Once we realized that the pandemic was not going away in a couple of weeks, we knew that we had to figure out how to live, work, and go to school together--at home! This presented a huge challenge for families. I started getting calls last summer from clients that needed help creating more space.s

My solution for many of these families was to design a multi-use garage space. The average size 2 car garage is 24 X 24 (576 sq ft.). Compare this to an average size bedroom of 12 X 10 (120 sq ft.). By making some simple changes, we were able to create space for several needs--home office, school-work area, exercise space, teen hang out, and storage too!--for a fraction of the cost and time of adding on a new room. Converting garages to create extra living space is a trend that is here to stay.


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