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Are You Bored Yet?

Are Your Bored Yet?

Now we are on to week 2 of the shelter-in-place, are you going crazy?

There is good news - this is the IDEAL opportunity to teach yourself and your kids how to successfully handle boredom.

In the age of technology and instant gratification (thank you Amazon) we rarely get the chance to experience waiting or boredom. These are both VERY IMPORTANT SKILLS TO HAVE. When we were kids, the thought of being bored seemed like torture, turns out that we were missing out on a lot!

Researchers believe that being bored can lead to some of our most original thoughts. Boredom encourages people’s minds to wander, leading them to more creative ways of thinking, humor, fun, reflection, and inspiration. Allowing ourselves and our children time away from constant stimuli can enrich our lives.

Boredom can also steer us into engaging more with helping other people - volunteer work or donating time to help the needy. I was always told, when you are down, help someone else. That has been my formula for life and I promise you, it works.

Embrace this time! A certain power of enduring boredom is essential to a happy life and is one of the things that we should be teaching our kids. We will return to "normal" soon. Hang in there. You might even miss these days of feeling bored. (Click Here to Read More)

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