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Residential Pricing

We offer packages and personalized hourly plans to meet your organizing needs and budget. 


Efficiency Matters offers a 1-Hour On-Site Consultation to assess your organizing needs.

This 1 Hour Consultation includes:

  • Walk through to analyze how your space is being currently used and how it can be made more efficient and work for you.

  • Interview to get to know your organizational style, needs, and vision

  • Plan of action to meet your needs and budget.

  • Cost: $100 - Will be credited to any package or hourly purchase.


Get Started on Your New Organized Life Today!

1 Hour


Efficiency Matters offers a New Client 5 Hour Package to kick start your new organized life!

This 5 Hour Package includes:

  • 1 Hour Free!

  • Initial In-Home/Office Consulation

  • Customized Action Plan

  • Hands-on Organizing Sessions

  • Donation Drop-Off (We'll send you the receipt.)

  • Cost: $320 (Reg. $400) 

Let's Get Started!

We'll help you Get Organized & Stay Organized

New Client

5 Hour 


(1 hour Free)

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